D'galeria Art gallery room

A new Contemporary Art Gallery is born

D'galería Contemporary Art Gallery was created on May 2019 by visionary owner/director/contemporary artist  Jaime Díaz López  who decided to open D'galería as more than a contemporary art gallery, He wants to open a creative and vanguard art space for seeking to showcase his multidisciplinary talents through his artworks and share his place with local and international emerging and established contemporary artists to bring culture and diversity points of view through art disciplines.  D’ Galería also bring multiple services includes Professional Custom Framing, Commissioned Artworks, Private and Corporate Art Consulting, Rent Art Space and more.'


As gallery we propose:

Promote cultural affairs that improve and strengthen the economy of the local art market.

Forge a socio-cultural platform directed towards educational, motivational and the intellectual development of young individuals utilizing alternative educational projects.

With the support of other cultural organizations continue developing the kind of projects that directly and positively improve the urban and cultural development of Puerto Rico.

Develop institutional and multidisciplinary projects to keep alive the artistic sensitivity of the artists, the collectors and the general public.